Clair Face Cream

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Clair Face CreamAdvanced Facial Treatment

Clair Face Cream treats problematic skin conditions such as wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and dry skin. With the powerful benefits and effects of our botanical infused formula, it is no surprise that dermatologists continue to recommend Clair Face to patients. This light weight formula is easy to apply and effectively hydrates, firms and tones problematic skin. Within three weeks of consistent use, users see will notice smoother textures, brighter complexions, a reduction in wrinkles and younger looking skin. Order your free trial online today for a young and refreshing tomorrow. For more information on free trial, click on the button below. .

Wrinkles, age spots and dry skin often times are a result of sun damage. The skin on the face and neck is extremely delicate and when over exposed to the sun, will age much faster than the rest of the skin on the body. In order to restore the appearance of youthful skin, a treatment is needed that restores damaged collagen cells. Clair Face Cream is the perfect treatment for rejuvenating aging skin. The light weight cream penetrates into the skin and repairs damage at cell level. Smooth wrinkles, hydrate and brighten dark circles with our unique skin care product! Free trial available to new users.

How Clair Face Cream Works

Clair Face Cream is a natural peptide treatment that infuses botanical extracts together to repair and protect skin. This light weight cream stimulates collagen cells for improved elasticity. It contains hydration ingredients that improve dull and dry skin cells. Botanical extracts clear imperfections and brighten uneven skin tones. The cream creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin that acts as a natural protectant from harsh UV rays and free radicals. Plant based extracts also contain antioxidants and peptides that restore texture and protect skin from future damage. For confident skin that glows from the inside out, order online today.

Benefits Of Clair Face Cream:

  • Made From Natural Extracts
  • Brightens Uneven Skin Tones
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Smooths Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Boosts Elasticity & Collagen

Clair Face Cream Active Ingredients

We take our skincare line seriously. That is why we offer products that are gentle on all skin types. Our mission is to give you the best treatment possible with the help of mother nature. All of the ingredients are natural and clinically tested to ensure positive results. Below is the list of active ingredients used in Clair Skin Wrinkle Serum:

Vitamin E – Stimulates skin cell production. Helps repair damaged cells & protect form future damage

Hyaluronic Acid – Naturally binds moisture. Plumps skin, hydrates dry zones & replenishes damaged skin from environmental dryness, irritation & stress. inkle products

Retinol – Vitamin A. Reduces appearance of wrinkles by aiding in skin cell turnover and boosts elasticity proteins

Grape Seed Oil – Tightens skin & clears impurities

Clair Face Cream Free Trial

If you are a new user to Clair Face Cream products, you’re in for a treat! Now for a limited time, first time users are eligible for a free trial bottle. We care about your satisfaction and want you to feel 100% confident about purchasing our products. To sign up for a free trial, click on any order button. For more information on trial period, cost or shipping see terms and conditions at the bottom of the order page. You can also contact us with additional questions. Order today, because your skin is worth the repair!

Clair Face Cream Review